Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dinner Studio

I don't know about you, but planning meals has always been difficult for me. Lately, the stress of having to come up with weekly creative meals to eat has taken its toll - meaning that we usually end up eating the same boring meals over and over and they're starting to taste pretty bad. Sometimes I lose my appetite just looking at the meal and I'll pack my portion up for my husband's lunch the next day. Hubby will eat the meal because there isn't anything else to eat. Even my one year old son is getting sick of eating the same thing day after day. After he threw his food across the room today, I figured that maybe he's trying to tell me something. Occasionally I will try a new recipe, but when it doesn't end up looking at the picture I get frustrated and end up sticking with the routine. But frankly, the routine isn't working so well anymore and something has got to change. And eating out every day won't solve the problem either (we already tried that once.)
One day last week, I couldn't face making dinner and so we decided to go out for sushi. After an extremely satisfying meal (the baby even enjoyed his tofu), I noticed a sign for something called Dinner Studio. We pulled over so that I could get a brochure (for my collection) and find out more information. It looks like dinnertime could be saved after all. Here's what I found out:

"Our goal at Dinner Studio is to pamper our customers by making mealtime easier with delicious home-cooked food created in our relaxed, professional kitchen. We'll help you create meals that you will love. We look forward to meeting you!"

Basically, you choose your menu from a list of delicious sounding dishes that are constantly changing, and then assemble your meals. The recipes are provided for you, all the ingredients are there, everything has been prepared and chopped for you, and when you're done, the staff will help take your meals to your car AND do the dishes for you! This is by far the best part. Then you go home, put all the food in the freezer and not worry about cooking for the next two weeks. Sounds nice, doesn't it? It would also be a great way to get together with some friends and make some meals for expectant parents. I'm definitely thinking that I need to try this soon...wish me luck!
Have you tried Dinner Studio or anything like it? How do you plan your meals? Share you best tip!

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  1. I have tried Dream Dinners and LOVED it.

  2. I've been thinking about trying it, but just never have. we should go.

  3. Wow, sign me up. After 30 years of marriage, I am game! I think that cooking goes in two stages-burned out cook and then great cook(okay- good)and then burned out cook....
    Good luck!
    Much love,

  4. I've always wanted to try a place like this, but the closest one is about 30 minutes away so I haven't tried it (yet)...

  5. Let me know when. I'm game. Tomorrow night is good for me.


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