Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grobag Egg

When my son was a newborn, I was constantly stressing over the temperature of his room. I worried that he might be too hot or too cold, and I would check on him multiple times during the night. At one point we did buy one of those clocks that also told the temperature, but it didn't really glow in the dark as advertised. Eventually I just gave up and continued to stress out. I sure could have used a Grobag Egg during those early months.

The Grobag Egg is a color changing digital room thermometer. This clever innovation lets you know if your baby's room is too hot, too cold or just right by changing colors. The egg acts as an aid to maintaining a safe sleep environment for your baby. In addition to knowing the actual temperature of the room, I love the color aspect of the egg. I can just peek in my son's room and if the egg is yellow (the recommended temperature), I can just leave without disturbing him. If it's red or blue, I know to take action. The egg provides a nice, soft "nightlight" glow which actually feels pretty calming. It doesn't seem to bother my son at all. And as an added bonus, the egg itself is cute! To purchase, you can go either to Keen Distribution or to Giggle . If you're the type to stress out like me, I would highly recommend the Grobag Egg!

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  1. That is awesome. When I have a baby I will definitely get one of those!! I wonder if they make one that can transmit a color to an egg in YOUR room so you don't have to get up during the night... :)-Gina

  2. If I had only known about this item when my daughter was born! I love it, saw their web site the other day and some of the other products they have. They timeout pad looks very good and coming soon!

  3. In response to your question, I went to Picasa 2 where all of my pictures are and there's an option at the bottom to create a collage. Let me know if you can't figure it out:)


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