Friday, August 22, 2008

Shade That Baby!

While visiting San Diego a couple of weeks ago, my sister made an observation about the city that I hadn't realized before. She said that while San Diego was beautiful, there was hardly any shade to be found. I thought about this and realized it was true. There aren't a lot of tree lined streets providing shade, and even downtown where there are tall skyscrapers you're still walking in the sun. Now this doesn't really bother me per se, but then I got to thinking how it affects my 16 month old son. I had always noticed that the sun shade on his stroller never came down far enough to protect his eyes from the sun. He refuses to wear sunglasses and hats. I wanted to him to enjoy the sun, but at the same time I was worried about him being protected.

Then I discovered these adorable parasols by Shady Baby. These provide UV 50+ sun protection and are adjustable in three different places, blocking the sun from every direction. I got the Sock Monkey design which is adorable, but I think the Pink-Brown polka dots style is just as cute! This was a "snap" to attach to my stroller and I think my son enjoyed being under it. The parasol is water repellant and packs up nicely for travel. It can also be used on lawn chairs, perfect for an outing at the beach. I love that my son can now enjoy a sunny walk and also how stylish my stroller now looks!

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  1. This is such a great idea especially for strollers that don't cover the baby very well...like mine! This is a must have here in AZ! Great find!

  2. Nice find, I especially love the monkies, so fitting for a 16 month.

  3. Oh awesome find I am heading there now to pick one up I so need this :-)

  4. thanks for sharing. my guys so need something for thier stroller and the fact that i can use it on a chair makes it even better!!

  5. These are really beautiful parasols, and come in such a variety of bold and vibrant designs. I have bought one and would recommend it to any parent.


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