Friday, October 31, 2008

Get Creative with Calafant

These days it seems as if toys keep getting more complicated. They have more batteries, more pieces, take up more space, and take more time to put together. While this is not necessarily bad, it does seem like there's more work being put towards making the toy function properly, rather than actually playing with it. That's why I was instantly taken with the toys made by Calafant. These are high-quality cardboard toys that require only minimal setup and lots of imagination.

Designed in Germany, these toys come in three different sizes ranging from large to small. Half the fun comes in building the toys. The pieces are already pre-punched, making them a cinch to put together. Best of all, you don't even need glue or scissors! I was impressed with the sturdiness of the cardboard - it's not flimsy at all, making it an ideal canvas to decorate on. Decorating your creation is the other half of the fun. You can use the markers that are included with the small and medium toys, or use watercolors, paints, glitter, pretty much anything you wish!

These are great projects to do with kids, and encourages them to be creative. Some of my favorite toys are the Treehouse, the Villa, and the Pirate Ship. And let's not forget the amazing looking CALACASTLE! This is a "life-size" castle that you can build and then actually play inside. Kids can walk in it, crawl in it, decorate it inside and out, and create their own world. It's every child's dream! Check out all the available models here. All of the toys are large enough to accomodate dolls and figurines, including those made by Playmobil, Scleich and Polly Pocket.

The small toys are also great for birthday parties! Guests can build their own toy, decorate it and take it home with them. And if all of this isn't enough, every toy is recyclable and easy to store. Just unfold the pieces and put them away.

As you can see, I am extremely impressed with these toys and I can't recommend them enough. To get your own, visit Creative Toyshop and start creating your own masterpiece. Have fun!

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  1. i like this - a toy you don't have to hand me down, you can just recycle the cardboard


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