Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Moments

Happy Halloween! Lately, I've been thinking about Halloween and why the holiday is special to me. This is a list of Halloween traditions and moments that make me smile:

1. Growing up, my sister and I would watch Garfield's Halloween Adventure. This is by far the best Halloween cartoon special I have ever seen - the music is great, Garfield's snarky comments are hilarious and the story is just the right amount of "scary." I was so excited when my husband found the Garfield Holiday Celebrations DVD. The Thanksgiving and Christmas segments are just okay, but we always look forward to watching the Halloween one.

2. My mom's Pumpkin Soup! It was the best...warm, pumpkin goodness that had a kick and chicken to boot. I don't have the recipe, but even if I did I wouldn't be able to make it like she does.

3. I always loved to go trick or treating. I remember when us kids would just go out by ourselves around the neighborhood in the dark, knock on every door that we could, and come home safely in one piece. Those were the days...

4. I LOVED going out and picking out a pumpkin (I still do.) Carving it was always so much fun...at school we used to have carving contests and I would always carve one of those tiny baby pumpkins. It never failed to impress the judges, probably because of its "cuteness."

5. Speaking of cute, last Halloween my baby crawled for the first time. So Halloween will always be special. This year, we're hoping that maybe he'll learn to talk - fingers crossed.

Your turn: What do you enjoy most about Halloween?

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  1. I've got to admit, I love the candy. Especially anything with peanut butter and chocolate!

  2. I love the color orange every where, I love all sizes pumpkins and go with my family to a pumpkin paches and petting zoos.
    halloween rocks!

  3. I really love to dress up, only this year it didn't happen. Who knows if it ever will again but I love dressing the kids up and watching them run door to door, as though the candy will be gone if they don't trick-or-treat in a hurry.

  4. Halloween is my dad's birthday. I always look forward to that!

  5. hey, i didn't get my pumpkin soup


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