Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Puppets as Cutlery

Sometimes I have trouble feeding my son even when he's obviously hungry. He doesn't sit in one place very well, and so I'm always looking for ways to distract him in order to get him to eat. This Trebimbi cutlery set has worked beautifully! Made in Italy, the set provides lots for him to do, from using the hollow end as a finger puppet, linking the pieces together like paper dolls and standing them up on their own. The smiley-faces on each piece are also adorable. While he's busy playing with his cutlery and his food, I am able to feed him. And the great thing is, that once he sees what I'm doing he wants to copy me and feed himself too. This stainless steel set picks up food much better than his plastic cutlery, and so he's able to feed himself more easily. That makes him happy...and makes me happy too!

You can purchase a set for your little one (or yourself!) from the nini and loli website here. Use discount code mstre10 for a 10 percent discount on any Trebimbi order from their site!

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  1. imagine if socks had linking buttons and loops

  2. Ah. I've never seen such cute utensils!

  3. Please stop by my blog. There's an award waiting for you!


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