Friday, February 27, 2009

The Intrepid Traveler

My husband and I honeymooned in Walt Disney World, and it was truly the most memorable vacation we've ever taken. The hotel was beautiful, the people were sincere, and everywhere we went we felt that magic that you can only feel by being there. Since then, we talked numerous times about going back. Someday we will, but for right now we'll have to get our Disney fix by going to nearby Disneyland (also fabulous), and by myriad books on the subject.

We recently added the Walt Disney World Trivia Books, Volumes 1 and 2, to our collection. These charming travel books are written by Louis A. Mongello and are published by The Intrepid Traveler. I love reading anything Disney related, but these books are especially delightful because you get to test your own knowledge of the parks. Each chapter is arranged geographically and presented as brain-teasing multiple choice questions. Some of the questions were so interesting that I found myself racing to find the answers. Luckily, they're easy to get to and provide additional in-depth historical and background information that's fascinating to read. I was surprised to learn that a permanent residential community was built on Walt Disney World property, but never implemented. These books are chock full of little nuggets of trivia like that. They are incredibly versatile as well - you can read a chapter a day for fun, take them with you on an airplane, or host a friendly Disney knowledge competition.

The Intrepid Traveler website also has many other titles to help you get the most out of your travels, such as America's Best Zoos, Universal Orlando 2009, and The Family Sabbatical Handbook. Check out the full list of travel books here.

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  1. Loved walt disney movies when I was a kid. Sure has came a long way since I was your boys age, may have givin up my age...haha hope you had a good time

  2. Disneyworld 2011 here we come!

  3. Marissa, thank you for the kind review, as I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed both of my books, and used them just as I had hoped! Always nice to meet a fellow Disney enthusiast!

    And if you like, I invite you to come by and check out my weekly online show, The WDW Radio Show Disney podcast at http://wdwradio.com.

    Thanks again! See you in the parks!

  4. I challenge you to a trivia duel. Just name the time and place.


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