Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes a random thought will pop into my head and remain there for a number of days. These thoughts are always simple - it can be an observation, a useful tip, a feeling, an idea, a memory, or a quote I've just discovered. I usually don't do anything with these thoughts, but I don't want to forget them so I decided to create a place where I could share them. If you'd like to share your own thoughts, leave them in the comments, or email me and I may feature your thought in a future post.
Today's Thought:

My son is almost two and he's becoming more hyper and "terrible" each day...on the other hand, this only makes him that much cuter which I didn't think could be possible.

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  1. I am feeling the same way! Our daughter is 18 months and I fear every day what she might get into or do. But then I look at her and laugh when she hugs me and the latest thing is big kisses. It melts my heart!


  2. I know what you mean.

    I find it adorable when my daughter yells "No!" to pretty much whatever I ask her.

    She's just too cute!

  3. Ain't that the truth?!?! Says the mom of Beckett ;)

  4. That is so funny - I had to start a post similar to this too.
    I call it My Take On It Tuesday.

    Your thought is much cuter than mine. :)


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