Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bright Star Kids

Family Review Network introduced me to a fabulous Australian company called Bright Star Kids. They specialize in removable wall graphics for your kids' rooms, labels, bag tags and more.

As far as wall graphics go, there are so many sets to choose from and they are all adorable. There are dinosaurs, cars, fairies, butterflies, you name it. Another creative option are the wall letters, where you can spell out your child's name. And then there are the Chalkboard wall graphics, which is what I got to test out.

The Chalkboard wall graphics come in two different styles - the dots or the panels. I received the panels in the Vibrant Violet/Bright Pink color combination. Rather than putting them in my son's bedroom, I decided to place them in the living room so that the whole family could use them too. I've been so pleased with the result that I can definitely picture myself buying some additional panels in a different color for his bedroom.
First of all, I love that it's a simple peel and stick chalkboard, instead of a bulky heavy one. Takes up much less space and works just as well. The panels were a cinch to put together (although you do have to take your time and be patient if you want everything nice and centered.)They are 100% removable, which is great for me since I'm always changing my mind about where to put things. Once they were up on the wall, my son had a blast with these. They're easy to clean as well - just take a damp cloth, wipe, dry and it's good as new.
I also love how versatile they are. I can think of a myriad of uses for these chalkboard graphics. Not only can my son scribble all over them, but they can be used to write reminders, notes, menus, drawings, and pretty much anything you can think of. Plus, they look very snazzy and stylish!

View the full line of wall graphics from Bright Star Kids here. See something you like? Get 20% off your purchase - enter the promotional code FAMILYREVIEW into the Promotional Code section of our Shopping Cart and then press Submit. This offer will be valid for one month from March 25th until April 25th.

Notes on using this code: The discount doesn't work with any automatic store discounts. For example if you buy 2 or more Wall Graphic or Wall Letter kits, you will automatically get between 15 - 25% off. These products won't get the extra 20% off, but any other product that's in the order will.

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