Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Word(less) Wednesday - Going on Vacation

We're going on vacation to see my sister and her new baby in Canada, so posts may be a little sporadic this week and next. I'm dreading the five hour flight with my hyper little one, so wish us luck! I have visions of him running all over the plane and knocking down people's drinks....sigh. Pictured is him and his daddy on the same flight a year and half ago.

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  1. I love seeing little ones with their daddies. I bet I have hundreds of pics of my kids with their daddy. It's just so sweet! :-)

    Have a great trip!

  2. Aw....he was such a mush when he was little. Look at that drooly grin! Way too cute.

  3. Have fun! I wish I could go with you!

  4. Have fun!! Good luck on the flight.

  5. Have fun on your vacation! Canada is a beautiful place!

    I hope your little guy does well on the flight. Be sure to bring lots of snacks...and you can always resort to games/movies on your phone in "dire moments" (that's what we do). ;)


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