Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes a random thought will pop into my head and remain there for a number of days. These thoughts are always simple - it can be an observation, a useful tip, a feeling, an idea, a memory, or a quote I've just discovered. I usually don't do anything with these thoughts, but I don't want to forget them so I decided to create a place where I could share them. If you'd like to share your own thoughts, leave them in the comments, or email me and I may feature your thought in a future post.
Today's Thought:

Last week I allowed my son to nap with my childhood teddy bear (only because he refused to let go of it). He ended up sleeping for three hours. The next day he didn't sleep with it, and he only napped for half an hour. Every day and every night since then I've given him the bear, and he's slept "like a baby", more than he ever has before. One wonders why I didn't do this before...

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  1. That is cute. You're a great mom. Like the saying goes, "you learn something new everyday"

  2. You just never know what works. I gave my daughter my husbands bear and she is fascinated with the fact it was his when he was just a baby! I fascinated that the wind up music box still works and you can recognize that it is a bear!

  3. Aww! How sweet! If you happen to get a picture of him sleeping with it, I would love to see it! I bet it is an adorable sight! :-)

  4. I think I'm going to try and dig up some of my childhood loveys/stuffed animals--it's worth a shot!

    I hope you took a pic of him sleeping with the bear--I'm sure it will make a great story when he's older :)


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