Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Website - KneeBouncers

My two year old son is fascinated by things that have buttons and make sounds - like computers. I officially banned him though, after he managed to almost delete a few files among other things. Ever since then, he points to the computer and whines. Giving him another toy with buttons doesn't work...he wants the REAL thing.

Recently, I was introduced to KneeBouncers, a website that features games for babies and toddlers. These games are designed to be played simply by pressing keys on the keyboard, and watching different things happen. Children can pop bubbles, make music, or make silly noises. There are no rules, and the games are colorful and fun.

I allowed my son the use of my new laptop because he can press any key he wants and not mess anything up. Plus, it just made him so darn happy. His favorite game is Peek-a-boo. There are thirteen games in all, with more on the way. I'm so glad that my son can have a little fun on the computer now. You can also register with the website and contribute to the family forum, get free downloads, and learn more about the characters seen in the games. The games themselves are free to play as well. Check it out and have fun!

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  1. Cute Blog! Just getting a hang of all this! ; )

    Kim from AZ

  2. Boy you are trusting!! He does look happy

  3. he really looks like his dad when his dad was a kid in that picture


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