Friday, June 19, 2009

Play It Safe With SafetyTat

As a parent, one of my greatest fears is misplacing my child. This has actually happened, and for the half minute that he was missing I had never been so scared in my life. Panic set in and I remember feeling sick to my stomach. Little kids love to wander off, and my son is no exception. Even I had my moments when I was a child. One time at a shopping mall I got separated from my mother and I became completely lost. A store employee noticed me and asked what my name was, to which I replied "Sugar Baby", because that's what my mom used to call me (at my insistence). Luckily, my mom discovered me right around that moment, saving us all from a potential disaster. If she hadn't found me so quickly though, a SafetyTat might have been helpful for a safe return.

SafetyTat is a child safety device. It's a temporary tattoo that you can customize with your mobile telephone number. You can also order them blank, and write a phone number directly onto the tattoo yourself. They come in bright, fun colors and are even waterproof. I was sent a couple of the Travel Tattoo Kits to review. These are nicely packaged and are super convenient - they can fit in a wallet or a purse so they're always there when you need them. The tattoos themselves are skin safe and a cinch to put on. Once on, it stays on until you are ready to remove it (they last about two weeks.) You can write your phone number on them with the handy waterproof tattoo marking pen that's included.

They are great to use anywhere, but especially at places like an amusement park, the zoo, a school field trip, or the mall. You can find out more about SafetyTat and place an order by going here. SafetyTat of course, is not an alternative to watching your kids with your own eyes at all times, but it gives you a little peace of mind should they become separated from you - just in case.

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