Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con Recap

San Diego Comic-Con celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, so of course that's where we spent our weekend. This has become an annual tradition for us - see my past Comic-Con posts here to see what what it's all about. We usually go for all four days, but this year the tickets sold out by April so we only got to go for one day. Not enough time to see everything, but we did manage to see some fun things.

My usual favorites were all there: Unshelved, a comic strip about daily life in a library, Bumperboy, a "cute" comic that I discovered last year, and of course Owly, the wordless graphic novel about the most adorable owl you have ever seen. This year, they had new Owly shirts which made me happy. That cute kid to the right is not mine, but he's wearing the new Owly shirt that I got for my son. I also made a pretty discovery called Long Tail Kitty, written and illustrated by the talented Lark Pien.

What would Comic-Con be without all the costumes? I actually feel kinda bad for the people who dress up and have their picture taken every five minutes. Anyway, here are some of my faves from this year:

Harley Quinn - Not because I'm a fan, but because I think it's a well put together costume.

Cute kids. Made me miss mine (we didn't bring him this year because he's really hyper and we were only there for one day anyway.)

Tigress from Kung Fu Panda - because I AM a fan.

Another highlight was this special Comic-Con 40th Anniversary book. It's hardcover and smells spectacular. It's also loaded with historical photos from past years and chock-full of interesting facts, stories, and artwork. I'm looking forward to sitting down with it and reading it properly. I didn't get to see any celebrities this year, but hubby saw Ray Bradbury by the bathroom with a swarm of people taking his picture. That's it for this year. See you next time!

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  1. I'm hoping to go to my first SDCC next year! Mainly so I can dress up in a kickbutt costume. :-)

  2. Fun! Did you get a chance to see the "Fringe" panel? My husband and I enjoy that show.


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