Friday, July 24, 2009

Time for iStoryTime

My two year old has a fascination with machines that have buttons and do cool things. This means that my iPod Touch gets "stolen" quite frequently while he smears his tiny hands all over screen looking for something fun to do. It might help if I actually had something on there just for him, which is where the iStoryTime app comes in.

This convenient app is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and features six different story books for kids. They are narrated and illustrated, so even kids who can't read (like my son) can enjoy themselves! We got to read Fred the Fish, a cute little story about a fish and a walrus and the joys of trying out new foods. I love the simplicity of this app. You literally just open it and then sit and enjoy it. My son loved the pictures and having something to do on the iTouch that was "his." This is a wonderful thing to have "on-the-go", or pretty much anytime you need a spare moment or two. More titles are in the works and at $1.99 per story, you really can't go wrong. The fact that you can customize it to meet your needs is also extremely handy - for example, you can choose character, standard adult voice or silent. You can also have the pages turn automatically or do it manually. To see all the stories available, click here and start reading!

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