Monday, July 6, 2009

Yummy Tortillas - La Tortilla Factory

I've always been slightly discouraged by tortillas because when you eat them at a Mexican restaurant they taste delicious, but when you buy them at a grocery they're somewhat lacking. There are so many great recipes involving tortillas, but they never taste as wonderful as I know they could because the tortilla is just not up to par. They are always thin, flimsy and break apart so easily. I never understood why I couldn't buy a decent tortilla at the grocery store.

Things however, are looking up. I got the chance to try and review some tortillas from La Tortilla Factory, and just by looking at them, I knew these were different. These are handmade, flexible, and simply delicious! The White Corn Tortillas are perfect for making tacos. I love tacos, but could never make them before the smaller tortillas always would break apart on me. These tasted especially fresh as well. I also made chicken enchiladas with the Smart & Delicious Soft Wraps. These are made with extra virgin olive oil and contain zero trans fat.

Instead of getting frustrated, I found I was actually enjoying cooking as a result of these tortillas. The La Tortilla website also has a number of delicious sounding recipes. I think Andy's Salmon Creek Wrap looks especially tasty.

La Tortilla Factory products are available online or you can check their store locator. Check them out and try a new recipe!

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