Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Mitten Fever

My hometown of Vancouver BC, Canada may be the star of this year's Winter Olympic Games, but the real winner of the show seems to be the iconic red mittens that ironically, nobody can seem to get their hands on.

At only $10 a pair, it's nearly impossible to find them. Stores across Canada can't keep them in stock. They're sold out online, unless you want to fork over $30 or more. Oprah recently gave away 300 pairs to her lucky studio audience.

I guess everyone wants to wear a piece of Canada on their hands...including me! Despite the fact that I live in the US and am not home for the Olympics, I've still got red mitten fever! Luckily, I'm getting my very own pair of thanks to my to awesome sister. She braved the crowds and rummaged through all the piles to get them. I can't wait to wear my mittens with pride, even in California. Thanks, sis!

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