Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes a random thought will pop into my head and remain there for a number of days. These thoughts are always simple - it can be an observation, a useful tip, a feeling, an idea, a memory, or a quote I've just discovered. I usually don't do anything with these thoughts, but I don't want to forget them so I decided to create a place where I could share them. If you'd like to share your own thoughts, leave them in the comments, or email me and I may feature your thought in a future post.
Today's Thought:

It's my birthday today, and hubby got me a Wii! Anyone have any suggestions for good family friendly games?

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  1. you got a Wii! Tell the p-man good job!

  2. You should get the new Mario Bros Wii. You can have up to 4 players, and our little 4 year old looooooves it! Happy (late) birthday!!! Also, Rayman's Raving Rabids is hilarious :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! :) Wii Fit Plus is the bomb...exercise mixed with fun...you can't go wrong. Our 2 year-old can even play that game (unfortantely there aren't a lot of games that she can play yet). We also got the new Super Mario Bros. for Christmas...it's so fun to play with our 8 year old & 6 year old. Of course, wii sport that comes with the wii is fun for everyone...bowling is the best. Wii Play is a great game as well as a great way to get another controller. Mario Kart is great 4-player game as well. E-mail me if you want any more info...I could go on and on! We love our wii!

  4. I love the wii fit game. It's wonderful. Though you don't need it, it's still fun to do. Brooke gets on there and has a blast. Happy Birthday. I would bring donut for you. Just imagine it :)

  5. We LOVE the Lego games. They have 6 episodes of Star Wars, 4 Indiana Jones, super-fun Batman and HARRY POTTER is coming out this summer. They are for 1-2 players, and they are so fun. (I'm soooo excited for the Harry Potter one!)
    Happy, happy birthday!!!

  6. Happy belated birthday! And what a great present! I don't have one myself, but my parents do and my little girl loves playing the games on the Wii Fit Plus! :-)

  7. Happy Birthday, Marissa!

    I don't have a Wii so I have no recommendations, but I have heard that the Wii Fit is lots of fun.



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