Saturday, December 4, 2010

San Diego Saturday

Welcome to San Diego Saturday! Updated as needed, this column is where I'll provide info about noteworthy events, attractions and fun things to do around town.

So here's the deal: I thought I knew all my favorite baby stores in San Diego...until I found out about Agana Baby. Hubby and I discovered it totally by accident one day and of course I had to go in. We had just found out we were expecting again so I guess my brain automatically shifted to baby mode. Anyway, it's one of those upscale baby boutique where everything is kinda pricey but you want it all. What made me like it even more though, was the friendly, cute staff who gave us bottled water and free snacks. Definitely left a good impression on me.

About a week ago, I saw an ad in San Diego Family Magazine for Agana Baby letting people know about their Fukubukoro bags. These are "fortune bags", where you buy a bunch of mystery items for one low price. It's a Japanese tradition for New Year's Day. I'd seen a form of these at the Sanrio store so I thought this was pretty nifty. And with my recent obsession with all things cute and Japanese, I decided I had to have one.

I got a chance to go today, and I inquired about the "fortune bag." I was given a choice of one for a girl, boy or unisex. Of course, I chose girl since that's what I'm expecting. Then they brought out the cutest goodie filled bag I've ever seen:

It gets better! They told me I could choose from a certain selection of shoes, any pair I wanted. I chose these:

I paid $30 for everything and happily went home with another free snack. Once home, I realized that the shoes and backpack itself are worth way more $30 by themselves so this was really a bargain! AND, I haven't even opened the backpack yet to see what surprises await me. Since it's really for the baby, I'm trying to wait until Christmas to open it and "include" her in the holiday but there's a good possibility I might crack before then! Anyway, just thought I'd share this fun tradition with you - the staff let me know that they're only available while supplies last so if you want one I would get to the store right away! Agana Baby is located at 7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Ste 116 92111. They also have an online store here.

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  1. Makes me want to have another baby, just to get one of those bags!---btw, Kimo was born in Agana Heights, a village on Guam.

  2. check out Project Cook its cute as, but only really if you like cooking.

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