Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama Sparkles Confidential

This is a new column I'm trying out, where I let you in on my imperfections. You may be surprised to hear that even though my blog's name is Mama Sparkles, my life is not always sparkly. That doesn't mean I should stop trying though. You also won't find any especially juicy or depressing tidbits here - I really am a pretty happy, positive person most of the time. But perhaps you can get to know me a little better and I can get to know you. And maybe in turn we can learn to overcome our imperfections.

So, here's the scoop (and some of you already know this about me) but...

Driving terrifies me. In fact, when I'm in the driver's seat this is how I feel:

You see, I've never been any good with anything that involves wheels. I never learned to ride a bike properly. When I went roller skating parties, I was always the one clinging to the wall the entire time. Driving a car held no interest for me, but at age eighteen I decided I better bite the bullet and get my license. I failed the written test twice. Then I failed the road test twice. The third time I passed, but the examiner yelled at me at the end of the test and called me an unsafe driver. He had to pass me though, because apparently I hadn't lost enough points to fail. Shortly after that, I left home and didn't drive a car again for a very long time.

Fast forward five years later. I'm newly married, with a new job as a ballet instructor. I had taken some driving lessons and was feeling confident that I could start driving the car. Hubby helped me practice driving to and from the studio until I felt I was ready to try it myself. Well guess what - I managed to crash the car pretty badly my very first time taking it out. Sigh.

Now I only drive when absolutely necessary. I've driven a grand total of five times by myself, two of which have resulted in an accident. Not a very good track record! For the sake of my kids though, I want to try again. Do you think I can do it?

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  1. You can totally do it! Let us know how it goes. :)

  2. Practice makes perfect!!! Start by cruisin' around the block, then two blocks, then three, then to the store. Maybe start without the kids in the car ;) you're never too old to try something new

  3. I was the same- didn't drive for years after getting my license. When you have kids you have to drive. Practice does make perfect ! I hated it for years and now love to drive . It is so relaxing .

  4. I'm not a fan of driving. It makes
    me very nervous but unfortunately I have to
    do it. You can do it!

  5. You can do it! You sound like my mom. She had a rocky start to driving too. She drove regularly by the time I was born, and she's a good driver even though she still doesn't enjoy it.

  6. I had no idea! I guess you learn something new every day. Keep at it and keep your head up! you'll get it, and hopefully soon start to like it. =)

  7. hehehe I remember that . . . I think I visited shortly after. You can totally do it! I have faith in you. Just take things one step at a time. :) Good luck!

  8. I was fortunate to learn on dirt back road with little or no traffic, otherwise I'd probably be without a license still. I remember being terrified the first time I drove myself into our little 1 stoplight town, so I agree with you about it being scary, but you can totally do it! Just takes practice and building up confidence :-)

  9. Go to a race track. Not that you need to learn to race but the experience will make you feel more confident with yourself and your driving skills.

    If you don't have a race track in the area... find a BIG parking lot (preferably empty) and drive, drive, drive. Drive around all the lines, drive in figure 8's, drive around two sets of lines... just drive. As Betsy said, "Practice makes perfect!!!"

    You can do it yes you can! (From Bob the Builder - but so appropriate!)

  10. 5 times by yourself is 5 times more than I've driven by myself -you should be totally proud of yourself. I have yet to do it!


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