Monday, August 29, 2011

Bean's New Costume

With summer barely coming to a close, Bean is already excited about Halloween. It's a big deal around here - last year, he painted a ceramic pumpkin, we bought every Halloween magazine available in stores, and Bean had a fabulous time trick or treating.

Costume SuperCenter has a myriad of kids Halloween costumes that I got to peruse and choose one from. I decided to go with one of the boys costumes, since I already had a couple in mind for Bean. When I called him over to the computer to pick one, he pointed to a completely different costume and said, "I want to be Captain 'Merica!"

This really came as no surprise, since we were just at Comic-Con a month ago, which we followed with a trip to the movie theater to see Captain America. Well, Bean loved the movie and so this Halloween he will be sporting the Muscle Captain America Movie Costume:

He's got a little room to grow, but he loves it! He couldn't wait to try it on. Unlike so many Halloween costumes, this one is not cheaply made and looks like it will hold up well over time. Plus, Bean looks adorable in it. He'll probably wear it to next year's Comic-Con as well, so he'll get good use out of it.

Check out Costume SuperCenter for more great costume ideas for the whole family! What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

*Thank you to Costume SuperCenter for this review opportunity.

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  1. what a cute costume . He'll have lots of fun wearing it . Cutie !

  2. I think is a perfect one for him

  3. What a perfect costume to get extra use! I really despise those cheaply made costumes too, especially for girls. I think Owen would pick a pirates costume, he does a pretty good "arrrrgh!"

  4. He's definitely the cutest Captain America!!!

    I'm sure the kids will pick something to be from their dress-up clothes. Morgan will most likely be a princess-she loves everything princess lately! :-)


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