Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sparkle Spotlight - Ammo Books

I had never heard of Ammo Books until I had the chance to review their Modern Art Memory Game. The game is brilliant! Bean is four, and he loves to play Memory. He's also really into art - he literally draws, colors and paints for hours at a time, so for him (and for me), this game is a winner.

The Modern Art Memory Game features playing cards with renowned artists, such as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. It also comes with an accompanying foldout booklet featuring the name of the artist, name of the painting and the year it was created. It's a great way to introduce my son to art history, while perfecting his memory skills! The game can be adjusted to different skill level as well. For Bean, we only use nine pairs of cards. Older children and adults can use all 36 pairs and further challenge themselves by remembering specific facts behind each piece of artwork. This is a beautiful, quality game that we hope to play for many years to come.

I also received two children's books from this company: Counting in the Garden and Colors. These are board books, and they are absolutely gorgeous. I read them to both Bean and Pinga and they were mesmerized by the bright colors and detailed, imaginative artwork. I also perused the catalog and found plenty of other kids items that look promising, including the Nesting Blocks and the Deluxe Coloring Book.

Check out Ammo Books for yourself, and discover this imaginative world of modern design.

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