Thursday, October 18, 2012

For Ruby

Ruby copy

My friend Kristin is honoring her sweet angel baby Ruby. Kristin is a beautiful person inside and out. I'm sad that she moved away from San Diego before I got to know her better, but I love reading about her adventures on her blog. Her tributes to her sweet Ruby are beautiful and often leave me in tears. She's celebrating Ruby's first birthday with 15 Days of Ruby Giveaways - one giveaway for each day Ruby graced us with her presence here on Earth. I love this idea! What a fun way to honor the memory of her little one. Today is the eighth giveaway, but there is still time to enter most of the other giveaways. And what's really fun is that each giveaway is hosted by a different blog so we get to discover new friends along the way. I invite you to join me and say hello to Kristin as well!

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