Friday, June 28, 2013

Musical Disney

So, school has been out for a couple of weeks and Bean has a new toy. His award for perfect attendance during the school year included not only a nifty certificate, but also an iPod Shuffle! Not bad for his first year of school.

Obviously, he needed some new tunes to download. We were offered a complimentary gift card for the Disney Music Store, which was perfect timing! Disney Music Online has everything you could ever want, including classic Disney movie soundtracks, current hit artists, Disney Channel series, Radio Disney and so much more. I even found music from some of my favorite Disneyland rides, which was a pleasant surprise.

Bean was most excited about the Phineas and Ferb soundtracks. He's probably seen every episode multiple times and is always talking about the show. I sat down with him one day to watch it and I too, became hooked on this clever, entertaining show with hilarious characters! Needless to say, that's where most of the money on the gift card went.

Bean approves. The gift cards are available in two denominations of $15 and $25. You can also purchase custom variable amounts, and they come in fun colors like pink and green. Purchase the cards at Wal-Mart or various grocery retailers, enter the code at the Disney digital music store, and start downloading your favorite tunes! Go here to check out the myriad of music available at the store.

How about you? What are your favorite Disney songs?

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