Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sparkle Spotlight - My Mama

My mom is a pretty amazing person. She gives the best bear hugs and she reads "The Night Before Christmas" with sound effects. She can bake and cook anything you want and make you feel better when you're sad. She loves cats. And she's wise.

Beautiful, isn't she? As a kid, she always reminded me to wear my sunscreen and my sunglasses even though I lived in Vancouver where it rains most of the year. Now that I live in California, it's become natural for me to remember this wise advice. I always make sure my kids are wearing sunscreen. They also love their sunglasses so I can rest assured knowing that they are protected from the sun. Thanks, Mom!

Another wise piece of advice she gave was to always drink my water. In fact, she hardly ever allowed juice in the house. It was considered a treat. So was soda. Once again, I passed this nugget of wisdom down to my own children. Now, my kids do enjoy their juice, but they also love to drink water. Whenever I ask my son what he wants to drink, he always chooses water first.

Best of all, she always says something like this to me:

Wise words, indeed. Pure wisdom should be shared with others! Visit the NestlĂ©® Pure Life® Facebook wall and leave a comment with the hashtag #momswisdom sharing what your mother told you and how it has made you a better person.

What words of wisdom did your mother impart in you? I would to love to know! Leave your stories in the comments!

Thanks to NestlĂ©® Pure Life® Purified Water for sponsoring today's discussion.

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  1. I will remember to wear sunscreen more.

  2. Wow, you're mom is beautiful :) And she sounds pretty wise, too!

  3. I think my Mom really made us really aware of putting on our

  4. You sound like you had a pretty special mom that raised you right.

  5. What a wise mom! And I love through these posts that we can see wise advice being passed directly from one generation to another! Awesome!


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