Monday, September 9, 2013

Chick fil-A Free Breakfast and Giveaway!

This is my friend, Mr.Cow:

Whenever I see Mr.Cow at my local Chick fil-A, he always greets me with a warm hug or a high five. He makes life a little better and paired with some delicious chicken, that's a winning combination. We also love going to the events that our store offers, like family night (complete with bounce house)! We don't mess around - we love good food and nice people, and that's exactly what Chick-fil-A gives us.

My favorite meal at Chick fil-A is breakfast! I always go for the Chicken, Egg and Cheese on a bagel because it's super yummy! Hubby's pick is usually the chicken breakfast burrito. And the kids are obsessed with the Chick fil-A Chik-n-Minis (mmm honey butter). Look at this picture and tell me it doesn't make you want to reach inside the screen and grab it:

Chick fil-A is doing free breakfast all this week! If you signed up on their website and have your reservation, you're good to go. If not, there will be more promotions like this one in the future. Be sure to sign up here so you can be notified of these events.

If you're a San Diego resident, we have a fun giveaway for you! Mama Sparkles is giving away a Chick fil-A Breafast Basket! It includes a Chick-fil-A T-shirt, a Plush Cow, and coupons for free breakfast entrees.

This giveaway is open to San Diego residents ONLY, and the winner will pick up the prize at the Chick fil-A Sports Arena location.

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  1. My favorite is the chicken minis loaded with honey! Good stuff!!!!

  2. My favorite is the chicken biscuit .... mmmm. Now I'm hungry.

  3. I LOVE the chicken mini's. YUM-O!

  4. Don't know what happened to my previous comment but any who I've never been to Chick Fil A but that breakfast sandwich looks pretty good.

  5. I have never been to Chick Fil A for breakfast! Who knew... That bagel sandwich looks great.

  6. OMG....never met a Chick fil-A breakfast I didn't love. lol


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