Friday, September 6, 2013

Gettin' Fresh with The Fresh 20

Thank you to The Fresh 20 for sponsoring this post .

One of my biggest challenges in life is that mysterious question, "What's For Dinner?" Here's the thing: I like to prepare simple recipes that don't involve dumping Cream of Chemical soup, or a plastic tray in the microwave. I want healthy, unique recipes that my whole family will eat, and that don't require hours to prepare. Does this even exist?

Yes. Yes, it does. The Fresh 20 provides simple meal plans that will put an end to "What For Dinner?" There are a number of different plans you can choose from, which cater to your individual needs. I've been using the Classic plan for a while, and I love it. Recipes are included for five weeknight dinners, using 20 fresh ingredients per week. Clear, simple directions for grocery shopping, prep work and making the actual recipes are included.

I love the recipes! They are exactly what I was looking for, and some of my all time favorite meals have come from this program. I also love the fact that they also include sides, because that's something that I usually forget. Check out the meal plans to learn more and to see pictures of a typical week of meals. They've seriously thought of everything!

The Fresh 20 is running a photo contest! TODAY is the last day to enter. Submit a photo or video of how your kid(s) get fresh with fresh ingredients in their lunches or snacks. Then add a 50 word narrative to the photo/video and you’re entered. The amazing prizes include $250 cash, a food processor, Fresh 20 subscriptions, and more!

Have you ever tried The Fresh 20? How do you incorporate fresh ingredients at mealtime?

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