Friday, November 1, 2013

This Year for Halloween...

Pinga dressed up like Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She had planned to wear an old, ladybug dress that was falling apart and then changed her mind at the last minute. Fine by me! She wants to wear this costume every day and does, in fact wear the pixie dust necklace all the time.

Bean was Captain America for the third year in a row. If you've got a great costume and it still fits, why not wear it for as long as you can? Everyone seems to really like this costume and I think it suits him very well.

This year, I dressed up too. I was Katy Perry, which was a lot of fun to create and to wear. I took inspiration from Susan over at Mom Swim Bike Run, who made a Katy Perry costume last year, and also followed her easy directions for the no sew tutu. I think it turned out pretty well, especially since I've never made anything before!

Halloween night, we got together with a bunch of friends for a yummy dinner, and to go trick or treating around the neighborhood. A good time was had by all!

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  1. Cool Katy Perry costume!!! I love Captain America's trick-or-treat bucket...I want one!

  2. At this age, costumes do not go to waste and are worth the investment because they LOVE to play dress up! I love the Katy Perry you made - adorable cool! - jenny at dapperhouse

  3. Awe! The kids are so cute and your costume is cute too! Sounds like a very nice Halloween :-)

  4. Just got caught up on several of your family outings!!! Lots of cute pictures!!! Love/my your family!!


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