Friday, May 30, 2014

Maleficent - The Untold Story

For those who have been counting down the days until opening day of Maleficent, the wait is finally over! I had the privilege of seeing an advanced screening of the movie Wednesday night. I wasn't sure where Disney was going to take this story, but it was definitely entertaining!

The original animated Sleeping Beauty film paints Maleficent as a pure figure of evil. But we all know that there are two sides to every story. In similar fashion to the musical Wicked, this movie absorbs the villains back story and gives us those missing details of her character that we didn't get to see the first time around.

Turns out, Maleficent actually has a pretty interesting story of unrequited love. At times you actually feel really sorry for her, and those moments where she's soft hearted (like when she's looking out for the baby Aurora) are extremely touching. Like the movie Frozen, we get to see what it means to truly love somebody. Don't worry though - there are still plenty of awesome evil moments, played impeccably by Angelina Jolie. And? The baby playing Princess Aurora has got to be the cutest baby I have ever seen (besides my own babies, of course!)

The complexity of the characters drives the story and makes for an entertaining movie. The scenes are gorgeously shot, although I could have done without so much CGI. The movie is also quite dark at times - I wouldn't bring my young kids to this, but kids older than eight years old would probably get more enjoyment out of it.

Maleficent is rated PG and opens in theaters everywhere today, May 30th.

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