Thursday, May 29, 2014

Princess Pinga - Disney Princess Costumes Review

Pinga is a typical little girl, which means she loves princesses! Especially Disney princesses. Maybe it's because we showed her the movies. Or perhaps because her bedspread has princesses on it. Then again, it's probably because I call her my little princess. Whatever the reason, she loves them and always wants to dress up like one.

Anyway, I showed her Beauty and the Beast, and ever since she saw the movie, she's wanted Belle's pretty yellow dress. I actually think Pinga looks a lot like Belle, so I was excited to get Belle's Sparkle Deluxe Children's Costume for her from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Here she is:

She's talking on her princess phone because that's what they do, you know. She puts the costume on, then pretends to be Belle and calls her other princess friends. Adorable. The costume itself? Is awesome. Not only does it come with the dress, but it also includes the petticoat and headband. She already had the shoes, so this is perfect. The costume has great detail and feels soft and comfy. It also seems quite durable - a huge plus, since she's been wearing it practically every day. I can only imagine what she would do with the Belle tiara and wand that are also available. She'd flip! She really does look like Belle, don't you think? The website has a lot more Disney Princesses to choose from too, so this just may the first of many more to come. Ariel or Aurora may be next!

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