Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My (Not So) New Obsession

I am officially obsessed with all things cute and Japanese. Ever since I attended the Sanrio Pop-Up Tour I've been researching all things kawaii. I just can't get enough of the stuff. You could say I've always been into these things - as a child I collected the toys, the stationery, the candy, pretty much everything. But during the past few weeks I've made a comeback! I rounded up all the Sanrio products I still had from my childhood and obsessively scoured the Internet for what was new and where I could get more. And so, I give you my latest discoveries:

Discovery No.1 - Hello Kitty Re-ment

Re-ment stands for Reform The Entertainment. Basically, the way I understand it is that these are miniature plastic toys and there are numerous series of them. When I came across the Hello Kitty series I was practically drooling. Within each series, there are different "sets." These sets consist of eight different boxes and you buy them "blindbox", which means you don't know exactly what you're getting when you buy each box. You can buy complete sets on ebay but they're pretty pricey that way. Anyway, my cool sis gave me an Urban Outfitters gift card where they were actually selling some of these boxes. So here's what I got:

These were on sale for three dollars each, so I went ahead and picked up eight boxes to try my luck at getting a complete set "blindly." This is the Hello Kitty "food dishes" series or something like that. I think I did get pretty lucky because out of the eight boxes I only got two duplicates. This then, is almost a complete set:

It's so cute I can hardly stand it! Moving on...

Discovery No.2 - Daiso

As a result of my Internet researches, I came across Daiso. This is pretty much a Japanese dollar store so not only is everything cheap, it's also super cute and colorful. The best part of all? There's a location in San Diego! The name here actually changed a little while ago to Marukai Value, but the store is the same as a Daiso. Most items in the store are only two dollars, with a few things costing a bit more. My favorite aisle was the Bento box aisle:

And of course, the Bento accessories:

Here's what I ended up getting - Bento boxes, accessories, baby wipes and soap, outlet plugs and a train and paint set for Bean.

I have to go back and get some cute stationery and origami paper next time!

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  1. Those things are SOOOO cute -I want them all too :)

  2. Sacramento has one store and I just went today. While the bento section had some of the things I wanted, I'm pretty jealous of your accessory wall at your store!

  3. I did not know you liked Japanese things! I've been to the 100 yen store lots of times and the Japanese grocery store nearby too, do you go there to Mitsuwa's?


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