Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dessert from Canada

Last year, I blogged about my first dessert. About a week ago, it was that time again - a chance to come up with a yummy dessert to make for the dessert auction at our church. Besides plain old chocolate chip cookies, I only make dessert once a year and it's for this event. Last year was my first attempt at making something. This year, I decided I had to step it up a bit and so I went with an International dessert. Therefore, I give you Canadian Nanaimo Bars:

I grew up with these and they are delicious! Bottom layer, coconut, graham cracker crumbs and walnuts. Middle layer, custard icing. Top layer, chocolate. The ingredients work together beautifully and they actually came out fairly well for my first try. They're not as pretty as they could be, but they tasted accurate (which is to say, they were super yummy.) If you make these, you MUST be sure to include the secret ingredient of custard powder. Custard powder is not found in regular grocery stores in the United States, but I was able to snag some from our local British import store. This is the recipe I followed. Pretty straightforward - if I can do it you definitely can!

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